Funny money and airport “showers”

It’s nice to be back in the land of Oz, but that flight is something else. In total, it took me 23 hours to get from San Diego to Cairns – an hour flight to LA where I had a 3-hour layover, a 14-hour flight to Brisbane where I had another 3-hour layover, and a final 2-hour flight to Cairns. I decided to take out some money and get a latte and a journal during my final layover. I forgot how expensive things can be here, but I can’t help but smile at their colorful money.


It’s funny how sitting for hours on end watching movies, taking naps, and reading can make you feel so gross. Whenever I’m traveling for a long period of time, I always like to take a “shower” kit with me. I find that these things can totally refresh me and make that final stretch, whether it’s a final flight or the ride home, so much more pleasant:
– facial makeup removing wipes
– refreshing body wipes
– toothbrush and travel toothpaste
– perfume roller or tester
– deodorant
– tinted moisturizer
– travel size stain remover

That stain remover came in handy during my last layover when I splashed coffee all over myself (I blame sleep deprivation and jet lag), as did my new stain resistant pants and waterproof phone case. Oops. At least I know myself well enough to have brought those items!

I am exhausted, running on adrenaline and excitement. It’s so great meeting new people and learning just how small the world of coral reef ecology is! It seems like everyone knows someone I know, and it’s so comforting knowing that I am among friends. As an additional perk, the food on board the Golden Shadow is incredible! Unfortunately I’m having trouble uploading photos, but I really hope to have some up soon!


2 thoughts on “Funny money and airport “showers”

  1. Sammi, so glad u r safely there. Cyn & I are leaving at 2:00. Only 101/2 hrs direct to London, not have a wonderful experience. Love u, Grammi

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  2. Hey Sam, glad you made it safe. It was nice meeting you on the flight from SAN-LAX
    Would love to hear all the stories when you get back
    Will follow your progress on here

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