Back in the field


Hi friends and fam! I know I’ve been absent from the blog world for some time now. Wanted to update everyone and let you know that I’ve had yet another opportunity to conduct field research in Maui. This time I’m here to collect some missing samples and try to fill in data gaps from last year. I’m also helping a colleague remove a long-term cage experiment from the water and assisting with routine maintenance and data collection for another experiment.

I have already been in Maui for almost 2 weeks, but I literally haven’t had any time to blog. The week I arrived I was working 18-hour days (6 of those hours were underwater). The evenings were spent sorting, blotting, and weighing different types of algae from the experiment. It was exhausting work, but the most difficult part is over.

The rest of our schedule has been tricky to organize. We have had swells coming in from the south and the north, making scuba work a little more difficult than usual. Everything must be strategically planned around the swells and tides. This has meant dividing work by region instead of by project. We decided to finish all work at our more southern sites before the south swell hit. While the swells were overlapping we finished up work at our protected site on the west. Now, as the swell from the north dies down we will head up to our northern sites to finish things up. I have one week left to collect my remaining samples.

This trip has been significantly busier than my last, and I’m significantly more exhausted – but I’m keeping up my positive attitude and soaking up every moment while I’m here. I’m so lucky to work in this beautiful place.

Hopefully more posts with more pictures will come soon! We don’t have wifi at the place we’re staying this time, so unfortunately pictures may have to wait. Stay tuned!