Haleakala Panoramas

This past weekend we took another trip to Haleakala National Park. This time we hiked in through the Halemau’u Trail (commonly referred to as “switchbacks”) and we stayed one night at the Holua cabin. We then trekked across the crater to the Paliku cabin and then hiked out of the crater down the Kaupo Gap (8 miles, downhill the whole way). My primary camera battery was close to dead, and I accidentally sent my charger home with my mom (oops!), so I took some great panoramic shots with my phone instead!

Crossing the crater

Front yard of the Paliku Cabin

Cabin at the end of the rainbow

View from Paliku

Beginning the Kaupo Trail from the top

The view on the way down (ignore the odd wrinkle in the photo). That’s the Big Island in the distance!

Finally made it to the trail head! Every muscle in my legs got worked out on this trail!


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