A day in Napili

I have been incredibly blessed in my life to have had the opportunity to visit Napili 4 times previous to this trip. It is a favorite vacation destination for my mom’s family. The first time I visited was 12 years ago, and each time I visit I create more wonderful memories.

When my mom and brother found out that I was doing research on the west side of Maui, the idea was planted in my mom’s head that it was time for another visit to the islands. She works so hard and hasn’t had a vacation in almost 3 years, so I would say that this one was long overdue. She and my brother arrived on the 2nd of September and spent a week in Napili, which is just a short drive from the place where the research team is staying. I was lucky enough to get a day off last Thursday to spend with my family, and it was everything that I wanted and needed it to be.

Napili Bay

I went over to the condo where my mom was staying and spent the night on Wednesday night so that we could get started having fun early on Thursday morning. We woke up early and ate breakfast at The Gazebo, a cute breakfast/lunch restaurant on the beach at the Napili Shores condo complex. It was a beautiful morning and I was so happy to be able to catch up with my mom while we waited in line for breakfast.

The Gazebo

Candid of mom and Mason laughing

Popeye spinach omelette

After breakfast, we decided to hang out at the beach for a bit. While we were there a huge rain cloud moved over us and it poured for about 5 minutes… and then the sun came back out. Shortly after the rain storm we decided it was time for a snorkel at Honokeana Cove. Honokeana is one of my favorite snorkel spots, mostly because of the memories I have acquired over the past 12 years. The coral is not the most magnificent and it is not the most beautiful underwater landscape, but it is the cove where I learned to snorkel, and it is always the first place I snorkel when I visit on vacation. It is a special place because there are so many sea turtles everywhere you look. For the first time ever on this visit I saw a spotted eagle ray, which was a real treat!

Spotted eagle ray

After snorkeling we headed back to the condo to get ready for dinner. On the way into town we stopped at the Maui Grown Coffee Shop (off of Lahainaluna) for a coffee tasting. My mom is a big fan of coffee and I thought it would be a great idea for her to get some quality, locally grown Hawaiian coffee to take back to the mainland with her. After coffee tasting we went to dinner at Hula Grill in the Whaler’s Village at Ka’anapali. It’s always a fun place to eat with your feet in the sand, and the sunsets are magnificent. Unfortunately, the rain returned in the middle of our meal and the three of us could barely fit under the umbrella that covered barely half of our table. My poor brother was soaked on one side! After dinner we headed to Lahaina to walk around for a bit before heading home for the night.

Standing in front of a sperm whale skeleton in Whaler’s Village

Whaler’s Village

Sunset from Hula Grill

All-in-all it was a wonderful day and I am so grateful that my family was able to pay me a visit in this wonderful place where I work.


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